The gospel of Jesus must be tangible, visible and touchable for the people to believe in it. We ha e therefore taken a stand of getting involved in the community by identifying people who are in need and choose to help them as Jesus would do if he was still on earth. Our involvement is through the orphanage called house of hope.

House of hope (Orphanage) is situated in Bushbuckridge in a small village called Matenteng Trust. It is a fully built property with 16 rooms which can house/accommodate 64 children.

Our Orphanage does not only accommodate orphans but it is also a refugee place for people who lose their properties through natural disasters. It also provides food parcels monthly to the under-privileged and takes full responsibility for orphaned children. The centre also gives counsel to the suicidal, divorced, and widowed and addicts with a view of reconciling them with society. The orphanage is financed by individual Christian, our church and friends; so far we are providing food parcels to 198 families that are registered with us and helpless.

We have 37 orphaned children we are taking care of still under the care of foster parents.

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