Men’s Ministry



This fellowship provides a platform for men to mature in their walk with God. It is a fellowship that provides unity among men in the church.

We believe that a man (husband) is the priest, prophet and king of the family. Through this fellowship men are becoming more involved in the ministry, more loving to their wives and more caring to their children. They are also developing the deeper longing for God thru His word.

1 Timothy 5:8 Governs men’s fellowship.


Culture has displaced many women and caused many of them to believe a lie that they cannot lead or take initiatives.

The women ministry encourage women to rediscover their position in society, church and the bible; women are encouraged to become influential in their careers, society, businesses etc, and yet humble and submissive to their husbands and caring to their children.

The ratio of women is higher than men on most churches therefore it is imperative to have a powerful women ministry as they are the majority in the church. If you teach women you have taught the church.


HGFH children’s ministry is a vibrant and active ministry. We believe in developing our children holistically. We develop and train children on the word. The children entered a bible challenge, they wrote an exam and 80% of them passed. We understand that we are dealing with future leaders. We also support the teacher and parent, by hosting extra class’s, homework Sunday. We assist the parent by teaching the child how to behave, keep themselves clean, cook and baking class’s.

We also believe in body ministry and a healthy life style, our children have sport days and health awareness Sundays. Our future is looking very bright ! We are planning to make a difference not only in our church but also in the city of Nelspruit. We will be hosting children’s day, Bible movers, Sunday school workshop’s and many more.
We shall shine like diamonds because we are the chosen generation of HGFH!


Holy Ghost fire House has a music ministry that believe that music is a door to your inner soul, we worship because it gives us the desire to praise our Lord and saviour Jesus Worship begins in the heart of the believer not on the platform or guitar.

Only then can it be expressed outwardly. Worshipers should have a life style of worship before God, since worship is private before it is public.

It is impossible for us to lead others in worship if we are not ourselves worshippers. If we don’t know God’s presence in our daily lives we are less effective in finding His presence, much less leading others to it.

Yet music is a powerful tool in expressing our worship. It colours, flavours and gives language to the worship that takes place in the heart.

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